About Our School

Mary W. Jackson Elementary has served the children of our community since 1892. We have grown from a one-room school house into a full-service elementary school serving 550 students, pre-school through sixth grade.

2018-2019 School Calendar 

  • Our students represent the diversity of America.
  • We encourage our students and their families to retain and respect their native language and personal cultural heritage.
  • We work hard to help all children learn to speak, read and write fluently in English so they may be successful in school.
  • Children are offered the opportunity to learn both Spanish and English in our Dual Immersion program. Parents decide if the program is right for their child. Children in kindergarten through third grade are eligible to begin Dual Immersion if they speak either English or Spanish fluently. Children remain in Dual Immersion throughout their education at Jackson.
  • Students use technology to learn through the use of iPads and computers.
  • AVID is incorporated into daily learning to help prepare students for higher education. 
  • Adelante: University Community Partnership that fosters a college going culture
  • Apple ConnectEd Grant: Provides each student with an iPad and each classroom with an Apple TV.  Jackson Elementary is the only elementary school in the state to receive this grant.


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