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School Community Council (SCC)

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Community Council Application Form

The School Community Council (S.C.C.) is the organization that gives you, as a parent or guardian, the ability to help set the direction of education in our school. Our purpose is to ensure that every child learns and succeeds. We identify the problems through personal experience, what we hear from our children or what we learn from our community.

We can help change the school to make it better. As parents and community members, we have the best perspective on what our children need to learn, what activities best suit our kids, and what we can do to keep them safe.

El Consejo Comunitario Escolar (S.C.C.) es la organización que le brinda, como padre o tutor, la capacidad de ayudar a establecer la dirección de la educación en nuestra escuela. Nuestro propósito es asegurar que todos los niños aprendan y tengan éxito. Identificamos los problemas a través de la experiencia personal, lo que escuchamos de nuestros hijos o lo que aprendemos de nuestra comunidad. 

Podemos ayudar a cambiar la escuela para mejorarla. Como padres y miembros de la comunidad, tenemos la mejor perspectiva sobre lo que nuestros hijos necesitan aprender, qué actividades se adaptan mejor a nuestros hijos y qué podemos hacer para mantenerlos a salvo.


The SCC also has a role in deciding how Land Trust funds are spent. Last year, the funds were used to reduce class sizes, hire paraprofessionals, and buy educational supplies to improve our literacy scores. 

Land Trust Goal this year: 75% of K-3 students will show typical, above typical and well above typical growth in literacy.

TSSA Goal: 75% of our English Language Learners will make adequate progress toward becoming proficient in English language.

Parents can be involved in supporting our school goals by joining us for monthly meetings, reading with your children, encouraging students to engage in literacy software and joining us for reward celebrations! Thanks for all you do!


School Land Trust Monies
Year Amount Received
2022-2023 $51,415
2021-2022 $65,513
2020-2021 $55,743
2019-2020 $53,837
2018-2019 $47,980
2017-2018 $44,621

2021-2022 Mary W. Jackson SCC Members

Christopher Porter Parent/Chair
Cassie Moncada Parent/school employee
Denice Newbold Parent
Sandra Findling School Employee
Angela Bothwell Vice Chair/parent/school Employee
Kalina Potts Principal




School Community Council Meetings

Kalina Potts

Kalina Potts

Elementary Principal