Extended Learning Program (ELP)


Dear Parents of ELP Students, 


First of all, I am going to miss seeing your beautiful children every day at Jackson! And I wish you and your family the very best, staying healthy and keeping the students engaged in meaningful learning. 


I have included a literature and writing packet for ELP students in grades 4, 5, and 6: A Greek myth with higher level thinking and writing activities. There are 8 activities, and they can do one a day, which should keep them busy for the next 8 school day. They may create a video or activity on their ipad/laptop, to go with the myth. 


In addition, the 4th grade ELP students started an Adaptations video for their research animal. I’d like them to finish that video on their ipads while they are at home. 


5th and 6th graders: We had a mini Debate Competition at Jackson on Friday, March 13. There were only 9 students present. These students were the winners: 

· 1st Place: KD and Kayden 

· 2nd Place: Shaye and Tina 

· 3rd Place: JJ and Belinda 


I will be available to communicate with you from 10:00-11:00 a.m. You can also email in the evenings if that works better for you. 

Ms. Bischoff:


- The ELP application window for students entering Kindergarten and Grade 1 in 2021-2022 is open now until February 12, 2021. Applications are filled out online, just click here.

- The ELP application window for students entering Grade 2-Grade 8 in 2021-2022 is open now until October 14, 2020. Applications are filled out online, just click here.

Please contact Anneli Segura 801-578-8573 for any further questions

- Click on the SLC link below to learn more about the middle school ELP Program for Elementary Age Students

Salt Lake City School District’s Extended Learning Program (ELP) Elementary Assessment Information

The Extended Learning Program is designed to serve gifted and high ability students in two service models in elementary and middle schools: 

(1) Neighborhood ELP (grades 4-8, includes grade 3 in K-5 schools), and 
(2) Magnet self-contained ELP (grades K-8).

Phone: 801.578.8573

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