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                         What to expect from a School Library Media Teacher……

  • A library Media Specialist is a teacher. They work with students in the library media center, on computers and in the classroom. They teach students how to be information literate.
  • A library Media Specialist is a collaborator. They work with teachers to plan, instruct and evaluate student learning.
  • A library Media Specialist is a resource locator. They do their best to help you find answers to questions and help you find resources to support interests or instruction.
  • A library Media Specialist loves literature. They enjoy sharing great books with students and teachers.
  • A library Media Specialist is technology literate. They work with students to use technology in the library media center and the classroom.
  • A library Media Specialist is a manager. The library media teacher makes sure the library media center runs effectively, efficiently and is a welcoming environment.
  • A library Media Specialist lends a helping hand. They are always willing to help, even when it isn’t their “job.” They can help teachers and students learn new technologies and how to use them.
  • A library Media Specialist is flexible. They are willing to make changes when changes need to be made.
  • A library Media Specialist loves to learn. They love to hear about the great books you are reading and about new ideas and strategies for working with students.
  • But most of all, the library Media Specialist does not work alone. For a school to have a successful library media program it takes everyone, (the library media specialist, teachers and administration) working together for the benefit of the students.
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